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Jesus asked his people to be the hands and feet, not the pew warmers.  We are looking to live out the Love of Christ with NO strings attached.  Christ loved first & taught later. Our goal is to enable the body to be the body.
We the church.
Most churches are eagerly waiting to help those around them in the shadow of their very own steeples and are looking for ways to connect with the community.
That’s where True Prosperity Evangelist Outreach can help!
We are praying for God to unify the body across cultural and denominational lines celebrating all God is doing in our city.We want to rejoice in the wins and help with the hurts with one focus….advancing the Kingdom of God.
How is TPEO working in our city currently?We will help assist to express and propagate the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all people.TPEO tenet for action:Evangelism.There are communities in our area that are in DESPERATE need of some help. We have local churches (neighbors) that have decided to be a light. We aim to do nothing more than enable the churches to love on their  communities take God to the lost.TPEO motto is to get church members out of their pew sits and take it to the streets.TPEO teach One Way-Jesus;One Job-Evangelism.TPEO guiding principle: Every Christian believer-A WITNESS FOR CHRIST.TPEO we bear record of the Word of God,and of the testimony of Jesus Christ,and of the things that we have seen.(Rev.1:2)We…testify of these things and have written them:and we know that our testimony is true(John.21:24) God will use me to set his people on fire to win souls for Him.I take it as a honor to come encourage the church to take it to the streets.

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True Prosperity Evangelist Outreach/Moguls in The Making

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